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True Star Mastermind Introduction

True Star™ Mastermind Group for Business Leaders.

True Star™ Mastermind Group is a peer advisor group for leaders who are looking to transform their performance to the next level. As business leaders, there are times we struggle to convert our efforts to the next level. We seem stuck; engaged in the running of our business yet not reaching our personal goals.

The True Star Mastermind helps leaders step up to the next level by offering a comfortable, confidential and challenging space where you can share the issues and problems you face with a peer advisor board. The peer advisor board works like a board of directors. Different strengths, wisdom, and experience of the members allows you to brainstorm, support, and advise each other. As part of this alliance, everyone becomes smarter and empowered by the synergy created.

Five reasons to join a Mastermind Group

  1. Increase your accountability
  2. Tap into the collective wisdom of your peers
  3. Share best practices – what works and what doesn’t
  4. Work on your business, not in it
  5. Succeed faster

Here’s how a Mastermind Group works. At each meeting, everyone shares their accomplishments since the last meeting. Then each member gets a chance to be in the “hot seat”. The hot seat participant brings up an issue and explains what help they need. The other members ask questions, delve deeper into a problem, brainstorm ideas and offer a solution. This information is then used to set goals to be accomplished before the next meeting.


John provided great motivational points that made each of the professional level participants think about our business and how we can accelerate it to the next level.  

Roger K. Rochelle – VP First Tennessee Bank


Why choose True Star Mastermind Group for Business Leaders.

  • Selective Membership – 8 to 12 ppl per group
  • Judgement Index® Leadership Assessment with coaching session
  • Monthly thirty-minute check-in video-calls
  • Available additional leadership coaching & training by certified coach
  • Get the results to be successful
  • Experienced Facilitator


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