True Star Leadership Career Builder Package

True Star Leadership Career Builder Package

This $525 Value Package Includes:

  • Judgment Index™ Career Level Assessment
  • Sixty Minute Career Coaching Session with a Certified Coach
  • Personal Vision Statement Worksheet
  • Article: Top Ten Leadership Blunders & How to Avoid Them

True Star Leadership™ Career Builder Package is your first step in landing your dream job. The Judgment Index™ Assessment will provide you with insights into the most important career indicators such as problem-solving skills, focus and concentration, interpersonal skills, and self-confidence levels. The JI measures your capacity to make good decisions, which is the #1 indicator of success. During the sixty-minute coaching session, we will discuss your career goals and develop a plan of action for you to use to land your dream job. This package is designed for anyone from the recent college graduate, to the mid-level manager ready to be promoted, to the executive transitioning into their second career.

Coaching is the best way for us to reach the stars.


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