This five star rated marketing guide is the must-have resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to reach their ultimate potential.


– “Loved it! 😍

– “If your product or idea is worth selling, then it is worth marketing well! I would encourage any person who has a product to sell to get a copy of this book.”

– In this book, the secrets to selling your ideas, products, or services are revealed! These tools are good for newly published authors, who may not be aware of some of the marketing tools available. But it is not only for authors but also for entrepreneurs of every kind.

I love this book. I mean the first part is a story and the second part breaks down the story with easy-to-understand and easy to implements techniques. Sales techniques that are non-salesy. How to sell by simply demonstrating your product and creating interest. No pressure and informative.

This book is well written! The fable captured my attention and interest immediately! The following section discussing strategy was comprehensive and informative. The book provides a guide to help one think about selling in a different way. It teaches how to apply the principles to one’s unique situation. I recommend this one!


Nashville, TN – Author John Thalheimer is pleased to announce the official release of his game-changing marketing book for business owners and entrepreneurs, The Truth About Selling.

John Thalheimer is an award-winning management consultant, speaker, and author who has helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of professionals transform their potential into extraordinary performance.  According to Thalheimer, the secret ingredient to transformation is in learning the ability to make the right behavioral decision in the moment to reach the desired outcomes.  

In his most recent news, John has released one of the most critical marketing books to date,The Truth About Selling.  In The Truth About Selling, John teaches readers how to influence others to invest in their ideas, products, or services.  Based on his struggles as a small business owner and years learning from QVC’s on-air guests to maximize sales, the book helps small business owners and entrepreneurs take action to improve sales.

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