One of my passions is to share my leadership experience and knowledge. Each year, I travel the United States and speak to thousands of Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Corporate Leaders, Non-Profit Managers, Human Resources Professionals, and Employees about how they can achieve better results at work.


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The Case for Emotional Intelligence:

In this presentation, participants will learn to achieve better outcomes at work and home by developing the four major social and emotional intelligence components. We will review case studies to better understand how improving social and emotional intelligence can positively affect organizations. And finally, participants will be given the tools to start their journey to a higher social and emotional intelligence level.

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Performance Matters:

Why Simple Changes Improve Performance

July 4th, 2001, Takeru Kobayashi stepped onto the stage and changed competitive eating forever. Leading up to this moment, he reinvented how to quickly eat a hotdog. In this quirky interactive workshop, we study the eight levers of performance and how, by making small changes, we, too, can reinvent our approach to work.

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The Truth About Selling:

How to Get Others to Buy into Your Ideas

Simply put, selling is the art and practice of influencing others to invest in your ideas. Maybe it is a new program you want to introduce to your clients. Maybe it is a process you want to introduce to your team. Maybe it is reinforcing the vision of your organization to the board. As leaders, we have a responsibility to influence our stakeholders toward a shared goal. In this presentation, we will learn how to use scientifically researched selling techniques to influence others to invest their time, money, energy, and prestige in our ideas. Get the book here.

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(ad)Vantage Point™:

How We Perceive the World Influences Everything We Do.

Today’s workforce population is more diverse than in any other period. Different Races. Different Ages. Different Genders. Different Religions. Different Abilities. Different Ethnicities. Different Politics. As individuals, we see the world through different lenses. In this interactive presentation, participants will understand how their and their coworkers’ views were shaped and how better working relationships can be developed. Our perspective, how we see the world, is our (ad)Vantage Point™. It is our exceptionality. It is our strength. It is our power.

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Coaching for Better Performance:

Leaders/Managers who coach their employees achieve 13% better results than those that don’t. In this fast-paced presentation, we provide insights into the importance of coaching in the work environment, how to properly coach employees to get the most benefit and what challenges your managers will face as they transition to a coaching style.

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Customized Presentation

Working with your thought leaders, I will develop a presentation that works for your organization. It could be based on one of the workshops I do, or a specialized leadership topic that your team has been struggling with.


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