Leadership Style

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When I am hiring an individual for a leadership position, I have a single question that I need to be answered; “Are they an effective leader and will that effectiveness translate into my organization.” What I have learned in my twenty-five plus years of experience that effective leadership is the number one trait organization need to be successful. Organizations need individuals who can deliver results through influential leadership while improving the organization’s culture.

For me, effectiveness isn’t just about the results, and it is also how the results were accomplished. I once had a colleague who once said, “I could get better results if I could just punish my employees.” Not the type of leader, I want to work in any of my organization. Leadership is evolving, and the command and control method of leadership is no longer effective, leaders need to focus on improving results through better relationship management.

Do you know your leadership style?

Your leadership style influences how effective you are. Leadership is contextual. If you are applying the wrong leadership style in the wrong environment, you may not be getting the results you want. By adjusting our leadership style to the environment, we achieve better results.