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John Thalheimer - Coaching with Confidence

Coaching with Confidence

The driving force behind all organizations is their employees. As leaders, our success depends on the performance of our teams. Yet, if we don’t understand the foundational principles of performance management, our organization can sputter and stall out. Coaching is a proactive way to improve your team’s performance while tapping into their accountability and engagement. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the eight foundational drivers of performance and how coaching with confidence will lead to better results.

John Thalheimer - Emotional Intelligence for Teams

Emotional Intelligence for Teams

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most powerful tools in deciding our success in the workplace. In this interactive workshop, teams will learn their strengths and ways they can use them to improve their overall effectiveness.

John Thalheimer - Intro to Change Management

Intro to Change Management

Organizations are consistently changing. It is the responsibility of the leaders and managers to make sure change initiatives succeed. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basic principles of change management and how to bring them to your organization.

John Thalheimer - Team Building at Work

Team Building at Work

What are the secrets of getting your team to work together? In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to get their team working together to meet or exceed organizational objectives.

John Thalheimer - Comprehensive Management

Comprehensive Management

Everything you need to know about management but was never taught in school. Based on over twenty five years of managing teams of all sizes, John teaches everything you need to be successful as a manager.

John Thalheimer - Don't Hide from Employment Law

Don’t Hide from Employment Law

Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors need to know the laws and regulations that govern their relationship with their employees. In this fun, interactive workshop participants will learn how to stay on the right side of the law and reduce their organizational risk.

John Thalheimer - Priority Management

Priority Management

Are you struggling to keep up with your workload? Being a productive member of your team helps build trust, but when you miss deadlines or produce shoddy work, your coworkers’ trust in you goes down. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to set priorities that truly matter, better manage their time, and overcome negative behavioral practices that hinder individual performance.

John Thalheimer - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

A big part of being a successful program lead is finding ways to increase employee engagement by helping employees understand the connection between their individual work and the organization’s client base and overall mission. In this interactive workshop, Program Leads will be shown how to interpret organizational vision into actionable steps for their team as well as learn how to create simple strategic initiatives that connect with their employees.

John Thalheimer - Customize Solutions

Customize Solutions

Interested in hearing about a topic not covered here? I can tailor a presentation specifically to your organization.

” I believe this is 2nd or 3rd workshop I’ve had with John and he was a reason to take the class. In the 30 minutes I’ve been back on-site I have already recommended this class to everyone in my organization”

– Randy Director of Operations

Awesome workshop. Very engaging. I wear many hats and this class helps give me some direction.

Great. Very informative. I learned a lot. John’s energy was great. Loved that John made it interactive and answered our questions as they arose.

Great. Very informative. I learned a lot. John’s energy was great. Loved that John made it interactive and answered our questions as they arose.

John has taught several workshops on human resources and leadership topics for the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM), and we always receive great feedback from those who attend. One hallmark of John’s workshops is that he provides a wealth of information and resources that students can refer back to. While being the consummate professional, John has an approachable style that makes students from all backgrounds feel comfortable to ask questions and engage with him. He also brings the topics to life by incorporating his professional experiences, and he is excellent at getting the participants involved and giving them opportunities to interact, which creates opportunities to also learn from each other and benefit as a group.

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John Thalheimer - Team Workshops