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John Thalheimer - Keynote Speaking

One of my passions is to share my leadership experience and knowledge. Each year, I travel the United States and speak to thousands of Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Corporate Leaders, Non-Profit Managers, Human Resources Professionals, and Employees about how they can achieve better results at work.


John Thalheimer - Emotional Intelligence for Teams

The Case for Emotional Intelligence

In this presentation, participants will learn to achieve better outcomes at work and home by developing the four major social and emotional intelligence components. We will review case studies to better understand how improving social and emotional intelligence can positively affect organizations. And finally, participants will be given the tools to start their journey to a higher social and emotional intelligence level.

John Thalheimer - Performance Matters

Performance Matters: Why Simple Changes Improve Performance

July 4th, 2001, Takeru Kobayashi stepped onto the stage and changed competitive eating forever. Leading up to this moment, he reinvented how to quickly eat a hotdog. In this quirky interactive workshop, we study the seven levers of performance and how, by making small changes, we, too, can reinvent our approach to work.

John Thalheimer - Coaching for Better Performance

Coaching for Better Performance

Leaders/Managers who coach their employees achieve 13% better results than those that don’t. In this fast-paced presentation, we provide insights into the importance of coaching in the work environment, how to properly coach employees to get the most benefit and what challenges your managers will face as they transition to a coaching style.

John Thalheimer - Customize Solutions

Customized Presentation

Working with your thought leaders, I will develop a presentation that works for your organization. It could be based on one of the workshops I do, or a specialized leadership topic that your team has been struggling with.

John Thalheimer - The Hidden Power of Successful Organizations

The Hidden Power of Successful Organizations

Human Resources is complicated. But it is an unavoidable yet critical part of any successful business. Not getting it right is NOT an option. Based on The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists, this keynote discusses the systems and checklists any organization can put into place to stop making simple HR mistakes.

John Thalheimer - Developing Coachability

Developing Coachability: A Crucial Skill for Advancing Your Career

“What don’t I know?” This powerful question starts a journey of curiosity and career growth. Coachability combines our mindset and behaviors to continuously integrate feedback to drive change within ourselves. In this interactive presentation, we learn how to consistently make the right behavioral decisions based on others’ feedback and coaching. Additionally, we explore how to develop a growth mindset to improve our business outcomes

John presents important information to help any team, org, or human grow.

Great. Very informative. I learned a lot. John’s energy was great. Loved that John made it interactive and answered our questions as they arose.

John was an excellent leader and presenter for information, group discussion, individual questions, and deepening of our understanding of the material.

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