Like most of you, I don’t fit in a box. My experience is messy; it tumbles and twists. I have worked in theater, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, broadcasting, marketing and business consulting. Yet, if there is a single thread, it is this question, “How can we be better?” Better Coworkers. Better Managers. Better Leaders. Better Humans.

Through training, coaching, and consultation, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, human resource professionals, corporate managers, and front-line workers. Those individuals who are successful make the right behavioral decision in the moment to move closer to their dreams. They continually ask themselves, “How can I be better at . . ?”

In my search to answer that question for myself, I tapped into the eight fundamental drivers of performance – Awareness, Direction, Measurement, Intentionality, Practice, Community, Energy, and Support. When used in tandem, the eight drivers of performance can be a powerful force for change.

Change starts with the recognition that there is something better. A better way. A better process. A better thought. A better us.

Today, I share what I have learned through a series of essays, interactive workshops, podcasts, and leadership coaching so everyone can achieve personal success.

My focus is on the human side of business,

helping leaders, managers, and coworkers be more effective at work.

I have a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University and in Communications degree from Susquehanna University. And I am a proud graduate of The Peddie School. I am dual certified in leadership coaching, certified in change management, and have a black belt in Six Sigma.

Speaker | Author | Leadership Coach Management Consultant | Business Owner