Let’s be factually accurate here; I didn’t break the whole internet just how my clients interacted with me. I crashed my website. Over the last two years, I have built five sites some for personal use and some for business use. I was feeling good about my skills at developing and launching websites. It was with this sense of pride, that earlier this year, I built a website for my new business, True Star Leadership – a guide for better leadership teams. It worked for a month or two and then crashed.

I was at a lost on how to fix it.

As leaders, at times we struggle to realize our goals and objectives; our behaviors sidetrack us; we are slow to adapt to changes in our industry; we fall back into old habits; we focus on the wrong thing; we try to do it all ourselves; Work-life balance is nearly impossible; we work even harder, getting the same results.

In short, we get lost.

When I broke the internet, at first, I didn’t know what to do. I was embarrassed to admit that I had broken something so crucial to my business. I tried to fix it on my own, spending hours, and days, looking for the single flaw that I had created to crash my website. In the end, I had to finally admit that I did not have the expertise to fix my site.

Recently, I heard that almost seventy-five percent of all home improvement projects end up with a call to a contractor to finish the project. Homeowners had watched videos, read books, and listen to experts but in the end, they too had to admit that they just didn’t have the expertise to complete the tasks.

This issue arises time and time again in the business world as well with leaders making this same mistake. They set off confident in the direction of success, only to become lost in the cross purpose of responsibilities, the multitude of unknowns and the absence of signposts.

The #1 mistake most of us make, is that we believe that we need to go it alone; bear the burden of responsibilities on our shoulders; seek our counsel; think no one understands the challenges we face. This thinking leaves us alone, without the necessary advice, knowledge, support and tools to be successful.

As a Leadership Coach, I have witnessed the power of shared experience. Whether it is in one on one coaching, in a True Star™ Mastermind Group or at a speaking engagement, we are stronger together.

Each week I set aside time to listen to your leadership challenge and start a conversation that will get you back on track. No question is stupid. No problem is surmountable. In this complimentary thirty-minute phone call, I will listen to your leadership challenge and provide ways for you to start achieving better results. You don’t have to go this alone.


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