What can I do to get better results?

Seek Guidance

As a successful leader, you are continually striving to improve your performance with the goal of achieving a better life for you and your family. Yet, at times you struggle with self-confidence issues, competing-demands of work-life balance, lower than expected performance outcomes, career sabotage, or the ability to achieve the next level of success.

Does this sound like you?


Don’t worry you are not alone. Every Leader I have known has at some point in their life hit one of these milestones. The successful leaders, I know do not let it stop them, they seek the necessary guidance to move forward.

“John articulated how I understood my business and provided insights into increasing my sales and financial opportunities.”

Heidi Anderson – Building Ideas.

The Goal of Coaching is to improve your performance through conversations and questions that provide you insights into your performance. When I am working with a client, we are focused on understanding their goals and the best possible path to obtain them. I act as an accountability partner and trusted advisor so that you can achieve their goals faster.

People ask me why they should hire a coach?


Think of the best actor, best dancer, best athlete, best performer, or best leader you know. I can guarantee that at some point they had a coach so that they could improve their performance and reach the next level. Coaching is not about breaking you down and starting over, it is about looking at your total worth and fine tuning your performance so you can reach the next level of performance.

The Coaching Process: For Successful Leaders, the coaching process is focused on continued success and moving to the next level. I will ask you to define success and what it means to you. If appropriate, I will work with your stakeholders to get a better understanding of your performance and how it might improve. Together we will develop an action plan that you will execute over the next six months to one year depending on the plan. Typically, it takes between six and eighteen months for us to improve our performance. Along the way, I will provide guidance, act as a supporter, mentor, advisor and push you to reach your goals.

“John connected with my vision from our very first meeting. As an entrepreneur, I have found John’s coaching to be extremely valuable and supportive. The advice has allowed me to stay focus and achieve my goals. He is a transformational and exemplary professional coach.”

Joumana Rahime

Founder – my1stCode


How to get started: I don’t want you to hire me until we have had a chance to get to know each other. Coaching is about trust and we need to build that rapport before we start the coaching process. Therefore, I offer complimentary coaching sessions to potential clients so I can learn about them and they can learn about me and my coaching process.

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