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Every business decision will either move you closer to or farther away from your objectives.

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John Thalheimer - Leadership Development managers and supervisors

Equip your managers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in their roles and support your organization.

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...planning for my organization's future

Get the guidance you need to set your organization on the right path.

John Thalheimer - Leadership Coaching personal development

Improve your leadership effectiveness while increasing your productivity and self-confidence.

Focusing on the human side of work

The secret to extraordinary performance is the ability to consistently make the right behavioral decisions in the moment. It’s simple. It just ain’t easy.

My name is John Thalheimer. I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives, non-profit managers, and human resources professionals to help them better lead their teams.

Every conversation I have about business goes back to the managers. They are the engine that drives organizational success. No matter how brilliant, how charismatic, how dedicated the leader is, a company will not survive without its managers.

I have used this approach to help hundreds of businesses and thousands of professionals transform their potential into extraordinary performance. Let me know how I can best serve you and help you do the same.

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Bridge over calm water

Letting Go

It is the hardest of changes…letting go. People ask, “Why have you been successful in your career?” I said, “Knowing when to let go.”  Imagine

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