John Thalheimer

John Thalheimer

What can I do to get better results?

This is the Ultimate Power Question

As leaders, it is our responsibility to achieve the best results for our organizations whether that is a small business, a non-profit organization, corporate entity, professional office, family-owned business or as a solo-entrepreneur. Yet, at times we struggle to realize our goals and objectives; our behaviors sidetrack us; we are slow to adapt to changes in our industry; we fall back into old habits; we focus on the wrong thing; we try to do it all ourselves; Work-life balance is nearly impossible; we work even harder, getting the same results.

But what happens when we lose our way.

I was once lost in the woods. I had wandered off the path and had no idea how to get back. So, I moved forward, walking through thorns, knocking my knees on boulders and banging my head into branches. After expending all that energy, I ended up back at the place I was first lost.

A backwoods guide will tell you that the best thing you can do if you are lost in the woods is to stay put until someone finds you. Unfortunately, this does not work in the business world. We need a faster way to get back on track.

Seek Guidance

The day I was lost in the woods, I climbed the tallest tree and found my bearings. I realized that I had made some mistakes by not seeking guidance before and during my walk in the woods. Leaders make this same mistake, they set off confident in the direction of success, only to become lost in the cross purpose of responsibilities, the multitude of unknowns and the absence of signposts.

You do Not Need to Travel Alone

The #1 mistake most of us make is that we believe that we need to go it alone; bear the burden of responsibilities on our shoulders; seek our own counsel; think no one understands the challenges we face. This thinking leaves us alone, without the necessary advice, knowledge, support, and tools to be successful.

As a Leadership Coach, I have witnessed the power of shared experience. Whether it is in one on one coaching, in a True Star™ Mastermind Group or at a speaking engagement, we are stronger together.

Start Today

Each week I set aside time to listen to your leadership challenge and start a conversation that will get you back on track. No question is stupid. No challenge is surmountable. In this complimentary thirty-minute phone call, I will listen to your leadership challenge and provide ways for you to start achieving better results.

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